Sunday, January 17, 2010

FASHION IDEAS - Little Black Dress of Blue Jeans?

Blue Jeans are pants primarily made from Denim fabric. Denim fabric is made from cotton woven in twill construction; where the weft threads passes under two or more weft threads, and traditionally dyed in indigo; thus called Blue Jeans.

Blue Jeans has gone a long way from its original purpose which is as work apparel to now an iconic fashion item. Brands such as Wrangler and Levi’s had made the Blue Jeans an apparel item that is so identified with American culture. American Old West made Blue Jeans a classic item.

Of course, Calvin Klein turned it into a fashion item with the introduction of designer jeans. Who can ever forget, Brooke Shield with her “Nothing comes between me and my Calvin” line? Now, almost every designer has their denim line. There are also brands such as Not Your Daughter’s Jeans that offer expanded jeans line.

Little Black Dress. Who can forget Audrey Hepburn in her little black dress (LBD) in Breakfast at Tiffany's? Remember Catherine Deneuve with her hair pinned up and heavy black eyeliner? Gone are the days when a black dress is worn as an expression of mourning. Ever since Coco Chanel gave new meaning to it, the LBD has been heralded as every woman's secret fashion weapon.

Fashion historians attribute the origins of this LBD from Coco Channel 1920s designs. To stay true to its origins, it is suppose to be in simple lines and pattern. It is normally worn with or without jewelry, depending on what the occasions call for. A true LBD must be a classic and can outlast current trends. Just like the Blue Jeans, almost every designer has their interpretation or versions of their own little black dress.

So hands down, the two most popular apparel items for any woman is Blue Jeans and Little Black Dress. Both are staple wardrobe for most women. Both can be used to dress up and dressed down by accessorizing. Both are classic fashion item. If you can only choose one, which one is it?

Blue Jeans?

Little Black Dress?

And your vote goes to??? :-)

My dear, till my next Blog!

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