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Understanding texture means understanding the behavior and characteristics of the fabric. Although as element of design, is not just about the fabric. Trims, accessories and other finishings applied or used in the garment also affect the overall texture of the apparel.

Texture is the surface feeling or appearance of the garment whether woven or non-woven. Texture can appeal to the sense of touch or to the sense of sight or to both of these senses. Texture can thus be sensed in many ways. A surface can appear rough or smooth, prickly or pebbly, shiny or dull, soft or hard.
It is important for the student to get a basic understanding of different fibers that are used for fabrics. Different fibers have different ways of draping, feeling and looking. This also applies to the way the fabric is constructed, i.e., whether they are woven or knitted. (Morris, 2009. Elements and Principles of Design - Unraveling the Design Process in Apparel Industry)
As a designer, you can manipulate the fabrics, trims and accessories to create an exciting texture for your apparel.  On the other hand, sometimes the best way to "manipulate" a fabric is to know when not to "manipulate" it.  I am a big fan of texturizing fabric.  I love dimentional fabric.  So I have to constantly remind myself the concept of design simplification :-)
Also, in design, we need to use the principles of Balance, Emphasis, Proportion and Rhythm to create harmony in a garment.  When you already have a well-defined texture, it is a good idea not to break the harmony by using minimal detailing in your design. 
My dear,  here is an example of a fashion project where you have to control "showing off" your sewing skills.  :-)  In this set of fashion, showcases a design collection where minimal cutting, patternmaking and sewing manipulation were done.

I presented this collection in one of NAFD's (Nevada Association of Fashion Design) Annual Fashion Shows in Las Vegas.  I have to say, this is one of my favorite collections.  Plus I have the best sets of models who volunteered to model the collection for me!  Thank you girls! Especially for this photoshoot. 
My dear, till my next blog!

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