Thursday, January 7, 2010

FASHION NEWS - 2nd edition Fashion Figure Templates for Fashion Portfolio

The 2nd edition of Fashion Figure Templates for Fashion Portfolio will be released on March 22. The Fashion Figure Templates for Fashion Portfolio is a collection of professionally illustrated templates of fashion croquis. These templates are ideal to use for fashion design presentations. The new edition contains more additional female templates and children templates as well. The book is printed in Black and White and can easily be traced. It is also available in CD as e-figure template files that are available for purchase separately. It is published and distributed by Lulu Press and is available at

The book is available both in print and as download.

Additional fashion figure templates available on 2nd edition.

My dear, for those who have already purchased the 2st edition of the book - email me, or leave me a message on this blog and I will extend you 35% discount to be applied on your purchase for the new edition.  I also would love to receive email of your work using my figure templates!  If you give your permission, I may include them in the future editions of this book.

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